The Secret Adventure Bodyboarding Competition - 17/11/2012

On September 9th ABA ( Aruba Bodyboarding Association) held the first ever Bodyboarding competition 
at Boca Keto AKA secrets. 
This is by far one of the most beautiful bodyboarding & surfing beach on the island offering 2 beaches 
on each side of a big Rock. Each of them are Beach breaks on crystal clear waters on white sands. 
The contest was on the right side beach where there is a nice wedge peak on both left and right. It was 
two days of lots of action where lots of the bodyboarders were doing lots of aerial maneuvers. 

The finals were on Sunday and here are the results: 

Junior Division: 
1. Jayfrem Croes
2. Joshua Kelly
3. Devin Tromp
4. Rick Werleman

Womens Division: 
1. Ebrina Curet
2. Kaman Hui
3. Melisa Boekhoudt
4. Mirienne Rosario

Open Division: 
1. Gregory Wouters
2. Devin Eman
3. Rayan Fakih
4. Omar Kuiperi

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