Jacob van der Biezen local BMX Rider has a talk with Rush. - 08/03/2013

My name is Jacob van der Biezen and I’m 18 years old.

From the time I was 7 years old the only thing I wanted to do was ride bicycles but I never thought that I would ever be doing BMX freestyle.

I’ve been doing BMX for about 2 years now, what I like about freestyle BMX is that you can ride anywhere and whenever you want.

Everyone has their own style of riding I like riding Street doing allot of combination of trick with grinds.

My favorite tricks are : Barspin, Grinds, Manual I fakkie.

The best feeling about this sport is when you sacrifice allot hours to practice a trick and you finaly land it is the Best feeling in the world.

My favorite riders are Chad Kerley and Garret Raynolds they are the sickest riders ever !!!

In Aruba their isn’t allot of variety of rams for us to ride but that’s no problem because we have allot of wicked street spots to shred here on the Island.

But people don’t like us riding street because they think we are committing vandalism and breaking stuff.

I really think Aruba needs a complete park for all extreme riders both BMX and Skate to produce better quality riders for Aruba.

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