Rush magazine vol.17 is Out ! - 20/04/2013

The Newest edition of Rush magazine is on the Market ! Get yours today in a supermarket, Mini Market, Drugstore, Gas Station, Bookstore or Xtreme Shop Near You !  

Now Rush magazine is in English ! So now Locals & Tourist get get their Rush magazine ! Soon it will be Available on IPAD & IPHONE also !

This edition of Rush magazine is packed with local Xtreme Sports Action ! 

You will find stories & pictures of: 







-MX Motocross & Quad



-Miss Rush vol.17 

-Music Reviews 

& Much more ! 


Also buy the magazine & WIN GREAT PRIZES !!!!

1st Prize: A Brand New Bodyboard

2nd Prize: $100 Gift  Voucher at Volcom Store at Ratland

3rd Prize: $50 Gift Voucher at Volcom Store at Ratland


Also you will get a Free Rush Sticker in the magazine !!! 


Here are some places you can buy the magazine: 


Xtreme Shops: 

-Volcom Store at Ratland

-Bula Surfshop


-Black Sheep

-Bushiri Karting Speedway



-Bo Wah supermerket

-Lee Feng supermarket

-Welcome Snack

-Three Colors supermarket

-Feng Da supermerket

-Win Lee supermarket

-Bo Chang Wing supermarket

-Morrocho supermarket

-De Wit Stores

-Van Dorp Stores

-Antraco Book Store

-Ling & Sons supermarket



-Plaza Boek Shop

-Hoy Ming supermarket

-PrimaVera supermarket

-Tires Unlimited Auto Parts



-Botica Paradera 

-Cheng Xing 

-Flat Stone supermarket


Tanki Leendert:

-Sing Fung supermarket

-Texaco Gas Station 

-Heng Sheng 

-Lito Convenience Store

-Hua Run supermarket

-NG Ponton supermarket



-Huan Zhan supermarket

-Ting Wei supermarket

-Washing Mini Market

-Yin Lu supermarket

-Hospital Deli

-Cheng's supermarket

-Texaco Sasaki

-U-convinience Store


Hotel Area: 

-Pizza Pazza

-MC Dushi Bagels at Oude Molen

-Amazonas souvenier shop at Aruba Beach Club

-The Market at Alhambra Mall

-Casa del Mar Minimarket

-Holiday inn souvenier shop

-Tamarijn souvenier shop

-Wave souvenier shop at the Tamarij  Hotel


St Cruz: 

-Fa Yang supermarket

-Valero Gas Station

-Tai Lee Wah supermarket

-Botica St Cruz

-88 Food Mart 


Pos Chikito:

- Rey Hing food center

-Winter Garden supermarket



-S Chow supermarket

-Wan Tu supermarket



-Macro supermarket

-Ton Li supermarket

-Far Kong

-Double Happy supermarket

-Johnsons supermarket


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