Wara Wara Open bodyboard competition - 29/12/2012

On the 22nd & 23rd of December ABA (Aruba Bodyboarding Association) organized the Wara Wara open at Dos Playa Beach Aruba.

The heats began early in the morning with junior division, all the riders were blessed with great waves for this event.

The competition that day was very strong in every division, with 6 divisions: Open, Junior, women’s & dropknee division.

There we also two extra divisions Repercharge for the Junior & Open division this is also known as losers round were the riders get one more chance to ride some waves and to qualify.

The first day went good with every rider scoring some solid points to secure their place in the quarter finals for the next day of competition.

Due to Good waves at the Westside of Aruba the competition on the 23rd was suspended till the 29th of December.

On the 29th the forecast for the waves were looking solid and all the riders where expecting some good waves for the rest of the day.

As the day went further with allot of people relaxing at the beach and supporting their favorite riders the competition came to an end.

These are the results of the Wara Wara Open:

Womens div:
1. Ebrina Curet
2. Melissa Boekhoudt
3. Monica Franken

Dropknee division:
1. Roduard Ferrier
2. Romar Arendsz
3. Jeremy Loefstok
4. Micheal Rasmijn

Junior division:
1. Jayfrem Croes
2. Joshua Kelly
3. Naygell Kelly
4. Viktor Danje

Open division:
1. Anthony Wever
2. Jeremy Loefstok
3. Romar Arendsz
4. Kenny Kock

Rush Magazine would like to congratulate all the winners, everyone who participated and of course ABA for another awesome event.

Click here to see pictures:  Wara Wara comp pictures

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